Parental alienation is one of the scariest things to ever exist. It happens when the alienated parent least expects it and indeed leaves him/her with an inevitable void in the heart. Parental alienation is a syndrome in which a child is brainwashed by one parent and forced to leave the other parent.

It is most likely to occur when parents are undergoing marital issues, are separated, or divorced. While it is something considered as a victory by the parent doing it, it certainly causes great damage to the victimized parent. It leads to severe depression and gives rise to trust issues,

In a nutshell, parental alienation comes as a severe blow to the mental health of the alienated parent. There have also been reports stating that some of the alienated parents are so depressed, they have even tried or commit suicide. This is certainly one of the most terrible things ever.

Unending trauma for the alienated parent

The alienated parent spends all his/her life trying to win the beloved children back. They put all they have at stake, be it health or wealth. All they want in return is to see affection in their kid’s eyes.

However, the alienating parent usually, somehow, manages to cut off children from the alienated parent completely. As time moves forward, kids grow and forget about the targeted parent as they have usually lost all contacts with him/her.

Kids might outgrow this pain, but for alienated parents, the pain keeps increasing with every passing day when they are not able to see their children. Indeed, they are worried about the physical and mental wellbeing of their children all the time.

Courts unable to play their role

As a general observation, most people suggest the alienated parent take the matter to court. This is done in the hope of getting justice and come to a mutual agreement, whereby both parents get some rights over the children.

According to our studies, most of the courts have failed to provide justice to alienated parents and children. Lawyers and judges are provided with wrong information and fake evidence. In such mattersof domestic nature, there is hardly any way to check the authenticity of the provided information and evidences.

Most of the reported cases of parental alienation until now that were taken to courts have come out with unfair judgements. The courts either give a judgement favouring only one side, or the justice is delayed for years.

Effects of unreliable court procedures

When family involvement and other efforts of arbitration fail, the alienated parent thinks that courts are their only ray of hope. Parental alienation may not stress the targeted parents as much as the injustice from the courts.

When everything seems to go against you, and your world seems to be turning upside down, an unfair legal judgement can take away all the hope that is left. Unfortunately, even the judicial system is not so trustworthy anymore!

Things become even more tricky when both parents are from different countries. With separate legal systems involved, the alienating parent gets enough room to play around with laws and twist the facts in their favour.

Favours granted to the stable party

In some cases, the lawyers and judges sell their credibility for a worthless sum of cash. Whereas in other cases, the authorities are fed with misinformation which leads them to make the wrong judgements against the alienated parent.

As the saying goes “if people knew better, they would do better”. In court cases, where the judges and lawyers favour one party, all you can do is cry on this bitter turn of fate.Sometimes the alienating parent is favoured because he/she is financially stronger, has more approach in higher ranks, or can pull the strings.

The only hope after an unfair judgement is that one day, the kids will realize how their alienating parent manipulated them into abandoning the other parent. However, if you believe the authorities declared decisions in some darkness, you can file another case with stronger evidences and hope to come out victorious.

Play your part

If, unfortunately, you are unable to succeed in your court proceedings, please remember that you are not alone in this. There are so many people out there who are going through the same pain as you.

This is exactly why you need to come out stronger and fight the flawed judicial system. It is high time you stand up for your fellow alienated parents, and on top of everything, your kids.

I hope you never have to go through something so horrible in your entire life. However, you can help this cause by spreading awareness about parental alienation so that everyone can understand its grave consequences.